Modern Farmhouse Interior Designers

If you are in the market to reimagine your space, consider incorporating farmhouse style elements to your new design. The humble aesthetic’s clean and countrified approach to interior design is a fresh take on rustic decor, with palpable warmth. While some people dabble with this style by adding a farmhouse coffee table or enamelware to their kitchen, true design aficionados know that the farmhouse aesthetic is more than just a trend.

Modern Farmhouse interior designers are known for their mastery of this relaxed and welcoming style, bringing it to homes across the country in a multitude of sizes and locations. Whether you’re looking to add just a few farmhouse-inspired touches to your space or are tackling a full renovation, these farmhouse interior designers will elevate your home with their expertise and attention to detail.

One of the main elements that defines farmhouse farmhouse interior designers in Greenville SC style is the use of wood, and these designers have a knack for making this material look sleek and sophisticated. Using wood wall paneling, hardwood floors and even ceilings with exposed beams, these designers make the natural material stand out in any space. They also know how to pair the elements with other materials and accents, ensuring that each room is both warm and refined.

While white is a classic color choice, these designers aren’t afraid to branch out with other neutrals, too. From golden wheat to pale straw to earthy browns, these colors bring a sense of the countryside to any space. Natural blues and greens are also welcome, as well as nubby natural-fibre rugs and finely textured linens.

Oversized and comfortable furniture is also a staple of this interior design style, as it was used to accommodate farm family members and guests alike. Look for couches with rounded arms and tufted seating, as well as chairs that have a worn-in quality.

Farmhouse design evokes the pioneer days of American settlers, who made do with what was available to them. This translates into practicality in a way that contrasts with the sleek minimalism of modern design. Look for knickknacks, antiques and other elements that add character to the space. While modern designers are often careful to match every element, farmhouse decor is a little less fussy and more functional.

While the rise of this style was fueled by the success of HGTV’s Fixer Upper with stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, the roots of modern farmhouse go back further than that. It was a response to economic challenges that saw homeowners seek ways to make their spaces more cozy and inviting. The result was a style that became instantly recognizable. And while it’s showing signs of aging, the farmhouse aesthetic isn’t going away anytime soon.