Cheap Domain Registration With Five Email Accounts From Bluehost

Cheap domain registration

In the recent times, cheap domain registration has become a trend among people. It has given them an easy access to own their own domains. It has enabled them to launch their own websites with nominal capital investment. There are different ways by which one can purchase a domain name. If you are willing to purchase a domain name for your website, it is good to know that there are various hosting plans available in the market. Some of the most popular hosting plans are mentioned below:

NameCheap: Currently, one of the most popular and widely used web hosting plan is NameCheap. It is an affordable web hosting package that is offered by NameCheap Incorporated. The main advantage of this service is that you can use up to 10 domains with one account. You also have the flexibility to transfer your domain names as you upgrade your plan.

IONOS hosting plan: IONOS or Internet Information Network Systems is a compact, low-cost alternative to the conventional data center architecture. IONOS services allow for the expansion of the existing data center into a virtual private server. This virtual private server has its own operating system, including root management, web services, and email. Hosting fees associated with this web hosting plan are comparatively lower than any other types of plans.

Namespaced hosting plan: Namespaced hosting plan is another low cost web hosting plan that enables the user to create and edit unique domain names that can be registered in any way you like. The main advantage of this service is that it helps you save money on maintenance costs. It also allows you to add extra details to your domain name, such as email address and contact numbers. This type of service has a nominal price of $5. It requires basic administration functions and has a single admin user.

Whois: WHOIS is an easy-to-remember internet domain name that is commonly used to retrieve information about a domain name. This service enables you to find information about the owner of a domain name. WHOIS service comes for free when you register a domain name with any of the top domain name registrars. When you are registering your domain name, you will get a temporary key with a random expiration date. You can check if the expiration date is still valid or not by sending a request through this protocol.

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